Elevation Certificate

Elevation certificates are used to determine the elevation of commercial and residential structures with regard to base flood elevations prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The certificates are required to rate certain flood insurance policies and may help the owner qualify for lower flood insurance premiums.


Legal Description

Property is bought, sold, and tranferred by deed. Within the deed is the legal description which verbally defines the boundaries of the property.



Division of a parcel or tract of land into two or more lots. This action usually requires the approval of the local planning commission.


ALTA/ACSM survey

A survey which meets certain criteria jointly specified by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors.



 An area within a parcel which contains certain rights by others, such as access and utilities.


Plot plan

A diagram showing the proposed improvements on a parcel of a land. The plot plan is typically used for obtaining a building permit. 


Property survey

A survey defining the boundaries of a tract of land, based on legal documentation and evidence collected on the ground.


Topographic survey

 A survey which shows the elevation and general relief of the ground including surface and underground features such as buildings, fences, and utilities.


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