I’ve always been told that fences are supposed to be built a foot off of the property line. Is this true?


To my knowledge the answer is no. Never assume that a property line is a foot away from a fence line. If you are considering building a fence, be aware that unless permission is granted from the adjoining landowner, you do not have the right to enter another person’s property to construct and maintain a fence.


I want to purchase a couple of acres of property from a landowner to build a new house, can we get a survey?


Yes, but be aware that in the State of Tennessee if you are creating a new tax parcel which is less than five acres, you will be required to have the survey approved by the local planning commission. When this is accomplished the survey will be recorded in the Register of Deeds Office. This survey can also be used to obtain a building permit, an E-911 address, a groundwater permit for a septic system and a variety of other uses during your home construction. If requested, I will be happy to assist you through this process.


Should I have a survey on the property prior to the purchase?


Although a survey is not always required, potential problems with the property will be disclosed on the survey. For example, is the neighboring fence on the property line? Where is the house in relation to the property lines? Where are the corner markers? In most instances the purchase of land is the largest investment many people will ever make. Knowing where your boundaries are allows you to better protect your investment. Request from your lender that the cost of the survey be included in your mortgage, the change in your monthly payment will be minimal, and you may avoid having to make a lump sum payment for a survey in the future.


How much does a survey cost?


The cost of a land survey is determined by the type of survey required, the size of the property being surveyed, the amount of vegetation on the property and the quality of the current legal description of the property. In most instances I will be able to provide an estimate over the telephone; in others a visit to the site may be required.


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